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FreeCell Solitaire Card game includes wide range of exciting game modes. Here you can play both in a single-player game mode or challenge other players in multi-player games. You can play with others on a league levels, or simply participate in single tournaments. There are also regular promo games with bonus prizes you can compete for.

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FreeCell Solitaire Game Strategy

FreeCell Solitaire card game is based on a classic FreeCell game, so the original rules, setup of the game and objectives are kept intact. So the initial setup of FreeCell game looks the following way: there are foundations with 4 empty piles in upper right corner, the free cells with 4 empty piles in the upper left corner and the tableau with 8 piles filled in with cards in the middle. There are 52 card deck played in the game, and to win FreeCell game all of the cards should be placed onto the foundations. The foundations piles should be of the same suit and the cards should be arranged in ascending order starting from ace through king.

When you play FreeCell Solitaire you can move cards in the tableau around and place cards of alternate color of lower rank on top of the cards of higher rank. If there is enough space in Free Cells and the Tableau, you can drag multiple ordered cards on top of the ones of higher rank and alternate color. If there is no space and you are trying to make a multiple cards move, intelligent computer will notify you on that and suggest you to make another move. You always can Undo your move in FreeCell Solitaire card game, but it still will be counted as a move, and you will lose your time. This is especially undesirable when you compete with the other player and time and moves are calculated.

Free Cells you use when there are unwanted cards, which cannot be placed anywhere and don't let you to open up the cards you need. Then you simply take those unwanted cards and put themonto one of the free cells. Later on you can easily move them back to the foundation piles or directly onto the tableau, if it fits. When you play FreeCell Solitaire you move all the cards by double clicking on them or by dragging them.

Free Spider Solitaire Features

FreeCell Solitaire is a mobile game which you can download for FREE for both Android and iOS devices from Google Play or App store. You can play FreeCell Solitaire both online and offline. Our FreeCell game is empowered with the latest technologies and high quality graphics, so you can enjoy the best game logic and user experience. FreeCell Solitaire will not take much space on your mobile device and is running fast and smooth.

There are many exciting game modes in FreeCell Solitaire to choose from. Here you can enjoy playing in "1 on 1" games or participate in "Royal Club" tournaments with 7 other players. By taking part in every FreeCell Solitaire game you can earn coins and level up your gaming experience, you also can earn additional power-ups. If you win the tournament you will be getting the entire pool prize and become listed on our leader boards. There are also FreeCell Solitaire game leagues you can play in according to your XP level and amount of coins. There are also exciting Free mini-games you should definitely try out, like wheel of fortune, slots andwin and scratch. You also can play in offline mode, when there is no internet. Playing offline doesn't let you collect the coins and XP, but this is a great way to practice your FreeCell solitaire skills and spend the time.

The main idea of FreeCell Solitaire is that it is very social, so we took care here that you can interact with other players in real time chat, exchange present and invite your friends from social networks to play together. Our community counts more than 20 million engaged players from all over the world. You can create your FreeCell Solitaire friend list and edit it any time you want.

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